Coffeeneuring #5

The Ride

Today we headed out with the packs full for the coffeeneuring experience in the open. Packing a jet boil, french press, coffee, chai tea and biscoff crackers Sid and I headed out for the Columbine Open Space south of Castle Rock. With the beautiful warm weather we hit the Plum Creek Trail and wondered our way out of town. The access road on the east side of the freeway is a favorite of cyclists to head out of town and get to some amazing roads. We climbed out of CR with a headwind and to the open space in no time at all. When we arrived we ran into a Douglas County Park Ranger and a bunch of volunteers that were just finishing up trail work. Can we all just agree that those that volunteer their time to build trails have a special place in heaven at the right hand of God! 

Sid and I unpacked and decided to brew up the chai tea I had brought. Jet boil made short work of the water and a few minutes later we were having an amazing drink accompanied by biscoff crackers. The tea was delicious and a perfect break indeed.

We packed up and decided to use the wind to our backs and hammered back into Castle Rock averaging about 23mph.

This was our longest Coffeeneuring ride but well worth the extra work and time to have a drink out in the open.

The Location

Columbine Open Space
Exit 176 (Tomah Road) off I-25, approximately six miles south of Castle Rock in the South I-25 Conservation Corridor

Date of Ride


The Drinks

Trailhead Outfitters Black Chai Tea
Fireside White Chocolate (Creamy + Smoky)



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