Ride with the Crows #6


The Ride

Winter is finally rearing it’s cold and snowy head in Colorado. Almost a record for the longest time without snow in the Denver area. We both geared up one level shy of snowboarding, I even had snow goggles on! But as usual, the sun settles in and it warms up, we had to stop to take some layers off. I have only been to John’s house twice and I came into his neighborhood through a park that disoriented me as to a left or right to get to his street. I first chose left, rode a few blocks and figured I must have chose wrong and turned around. Rode even a few more blocks past the park and knew I was wrong, so I turned back around to my first choice. Found it! and he was there waiting. He had gone the same route to meet me and we missed each other.

Anyways, we hit the trail into Castle Rock to go to a coffee stop I have heard of being very good and also having a liquor bar as well as coffee. Crowfoot Coffee.

Along with the bar it also had some cool paintings on the walls for sale, some kinda strange, but others really cool.


Overall one of my favorite coffee stops so far. They also had a bike rack in the front! First one so far. With us both enjoying the coffee and John said the burrito was delicious, Crowfoot gets an A+.

The Location

Crowfoot Coffee
734 Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO 80104

The Date

November 18th

The Drinks

Latte and breakfast burrito for John, Americano for Sid


16.3 for the wondering Sid, 14 for the searching John.




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